BOR团队在安福路转角打造了一家全新的时髦餐厅 - BOR eatery(丹麦语中的“Jeg bor her”意为“我住在这里”) 。一种轻松舒适,同时能与厨师更好互动的摩登用餐体验,从农场到餐桌,由头至尾的烹饪方式,严选新鲜的当地食材搭配“爱”来烹制的食物令人期待。
The BOR team have switched & stitched things up with a swank Anfu Lu location at BOR eatery ( BOR, from the Danish ‘Jeg bor her’ meaning ‘I live here’ ) a relaxed and intimate chef-curated experience for modern diners. Influenced by foraging, farm-to-table and nose-to-tail cooking, expect food that is cooked with love and fresh local ingredients.

6266 7909
2f, 322 anfu rd
Lunch | Dinner | Brunch
10:00 till 11:00
  • 沪ICP备16055084号-4